Burton Bronze Foundry has the knowledge and equipment to recreate your work of art in bronze, from start to finish. We employ the lost-wax process, casting wax from the original rubber molds and using ceramic shell mold-making techniques. The foundry has propane-fired burn-out kilns and blast furnace, and a fully equipped metal shop.

Services we offer:

  • Mold making techniques from original sculpture using silicone or poly-urethane rubbers, plasters, and fiber glass
  • limited sale of mold making materials and casting waxes for our clients
  • Wax casting, wax chasing, and spruing of wax positives
  • Bronze casting of monumental and limited edition sculptures using Evedure bronze
  • Lost wax bell casting using tin bronze (C90700)
  • Metal fabrication and chasing of various metals, including bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel, with Tig/Mig welding, and plasma cutting services
  • Surface grinding, texturing and polishing, sand blasting and glass bead blasting
  • Foundry patina and sealant services
  • Bases and mounting devices
  • Wood crating for shipping

Supplies and service for ceramic shell investment casting. 

  • Bronze casting of monumental and limited edition sculptures using silicon bronze (C87300) Everdure bronze
  • Bell investment casting with tin bronze (C90700) ingot.
  • Aluminum investment casting with (A356.2) ingot.
  • Forge and heat treating service.

Supplies we offer:

Wax, metal and patina -

  • Recycled foundry wax
  • Pure casting wax
  • Sculpting wax
  • Sprue wax
  • Silicon bronze (C87300) ingot / sprue
  • Tin bronze (C90700) ingot / sprue
  • Aluminum (A 356.2) ingot / sprue

Patina Chemicals, Acids, and Solutions -

  • Presto Prep/ degreaser and cleaner for all metal types.
  • M20 Blackening Solution TM/ Birchwood Casey.
  • Ammonium Sulfide
  • Nitric Acid
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Liver of Sulfur Lump (sulfurated Potash)
  • Patina Green TM / Birchwood Casey
  • Ferric Nitrate: home made liquid and laboratory crystal
  • Cupric Nitrate crystal
  • Silver Nitrate crystal
  • Bismuth Nitrate crystal
  • Zink Nitrate crystal
  • Oxide Washes (Powder): Titanium, Chromium, red iron and black iron oxides.
  • Permalac lacquer / satin finish for all metal types
  • Tree Wax (hot wax)
  • Renaissance Wax (cold wax)



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